Hughes Marine offers a wide array of barges ready for your marine construction needs on a bareboat and time charter basis. Hughes barges are always well-maintained. Most Hughes deck barges are equipped with spuds to facilitate placement in areas with no pier or bulkhead. Mats, anchors, and winches are all available for rent for your marine construction applications. We can load and unload your equipment and material at our state-of-the-art Brooklyn, NY facility Erie Basin Bargeport. Our building program ensures that our fleet is modern and, given sufficient lead time, we will build or modify equipment to the specifications of our customer for a particular marine construction job or project.

Most of our barges work in the Northeast United States and along the East Coast.  When appropriate, we also service the US Gulf Coast, Central America, Caribbean, and Bermuda.  Several of our barges are designated as oceangoing barges by the American Bureau of Shipping, so they are able to work in all oceans and seas.

We have provided barges for every major marine construction project on the US East Coast for the past century.  We are currently providing barges for the Tappan Zee Bridge Replacement Project in the Hudson River, as well as several marine infrastructure projects in the tri-state area.

Spud Barges 40′ – 300′ long x 10′ – 60′ wide
Oceangoing Up to 2,500 ST capacity
Carfloats Up to 300′ long
Material Barges 300 to 3,000 ST capacity
Hopper Barges 1100 ST capacity
Jobsite Tugs 25′ long, 400 HP, truckable tugs

Hughes also caters to various non-marine construction related industries. Hughes barges have provided the support for movie equipment during maritime sequence filming. Hughes barges have also provided the space for advertisement filming, helicopter and ferry landings, and other non-construction related projects. We even had a greenhouse barge in the Hudson River, called the Science Barge. Whether you are looking for a barge for your marine construction project or your next specialty project, call Hughes today to answer your questions.


Through hard work, commitment to safety, and uncompromising business principles, Hughes Marine has continually adapted over the past 125 years to satisfy the evolving needs of the maritime industry, truly making us the "Clearing House for Marine Difficulties." Contact us to inquire about your next project.

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