Shipyard Services

Our shipyard is located at 700 Columbia St., Brooklyn NY 11231. It is within the Erie Basin Bargeport, a maritime industrial park, which is the homeport to approximately 200 tugs and barges.

We have been in business since 2006. We specialize in steel repairs and coatings to deck and hopper barges.

The major equipment at the Hughes shipyard consists of a 1,000 ton capacity floating drydock (Hughes Drydock #3) which is 120’ x 64’ outside/54’ inside the wingwalls x 7’ hull, a 65 ton floating crane, a 250’ floating pier with a 60’ x 26’ articulated ramp, and a 110 x 32’ shop barge. We also have numerous welding machines, burning outfits, forklifts and all of the necessary tools and equipment to repair your deck or hopper barge.

Hughes is committed to lease approximately 4,000 sf of a 24,000 sf warehouse Bldg. 325, which should be completed in early 2018. The building will be adjacent to the current location of Hughes’s shipyard. The 4,000 sf space has been specially designed to be used as a plate shop, plus locker and rest rooms for our shipyard employees.

We have an experienced crew of welders, fitters, laborers and supervisors. We are fully insured. Third party contractors are available for mucking.

Hughes is a member of the American Waterways Operators Responsible Carrier Program, which means we have a Safety Management System in place that is audited by a third party.

We would like to bid on your next deck or hopper barge repair project.

Shipyard Services NYC