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Hughes Bros Marine TransportationSince the late 1800s, Hughes Bros. has moved all types of cargo along the canals and in between the East Coast, Gulf, and inland waterways. We specialize in moving oversize objects, too large for truck or rail.  We have inland barges for canals and rivers, as well as ABS oceangoing barges for coastwise marine transportation along the US East and Gulf Coasts, Caribbean, and throughout the Americas.

Some of the oversize cargo that we have transported recently are the world’s largest sailing catamaran (pictured above), precast concrete pilings for bridge and pier construction, hopper barge covers, and generator units for power plants and manufacturers.

We regularly exhibit at the Breakbulk Americas show to meet customers and keep abreast of the news and developments in the marine transportation industry.  As members of the Railway Industrial Clearance Association, Hughes Bros. has built a competent network of inter-modal and logistics suppliers, so we can provide assistance for your marine transportation needs from origin to destination.

Hughes Bros. is one of the few carriers that has been certified by the United States Interstate Commerce Commission to move commodities of all types throughout North America. Our Certificate, W463, was issued in 1944.

We also have barges that are capable of transiting the New York State Canal System to transport oversize or overweight objects and to support marine construction projects in the area.  Our network of tug operators in the Northeast ensures that we are knowledgeable about local waterways, weather patterns, and marine facilities.

 new york state canal transportation - Hughes Bros

We have the equipment and experience to move your cargo safely, efficiently, and competitively. We are pleased to quote your movement at no obligation.

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