Erie Basin Bargeport

Erie Basin Bargeport is one of the largest private berthing facilities for tugboats and barges in NY and on the US East Coast.  The Bargeport serves as the fleet hub for Hughes Marine Firms, Reinauer, and a few other companies with tugs and barges in New York.

erie basin bargeport

With deep water and 4,000 lineal feet of modern bulkhead for berthing, Erie Basin is an berth for our operations and barges in NY.  Erie Basin’s unique shape provides a protected berthing facility to fleet, maintain, and repair our barges, tugs, and marine eqiupment.

In addition to berthing our barges at Erie Basin, the Bargeport is the home of our contractor mobilization operations.  We have an American 999 crane to load construction equipment and mobilize entire marine construction projects for our customers.  We also have a full crew to make modifications to barges for specific marine construction applications.

The Northeast section of Erie Basin Bargeport is home to our drydock and shipyard operation, where we dock, repair, and maintain our barges to ensure that they are the best barges in NY and in the country.  We follow a strict preventative maintenance schedule for all of our marine equipment and ensure that we have one of the most modern fleets in the industry.

Learn more on the Erie Basin Bargeport website.

erie basin bargeport loading berth